Questions asked by anonymous people with questions about DUI’s and other criminal charges

  • First Time Misdemeanor DUI

    First Time Misdemeanor DUI Question:  I was pulled over for weaving by LAPD in San Fernando.  I was told by the LAPD officer to wait for CHP.  When they arrived, the CHP officer told me to go through sobriety tests, which I did.  I was also asked to do a breathalyzer after I was arrested for the DUI, which I also did. Before I was ... Read more »

  • DUI expungement with probation violation

    DUI expungement with probation violation Question:  Is a DUI expungement with probation violation still possible?  I got a dui back in June of 2010. On my last day of my DUI classes my counselor told me you don’t need to come back because they  will send everything to the Court for me.  I believed them, but apparently I should not have.  The school did not forward the documents to the ... Read more »

  • Pasadena DUI case

    19 October, 2014 Blog 0 Comment

    Pasadena DUI case Question:   In May I was pulled over in Pasadena by Glendale cops a while back.  According to the police I was driving over the speed limit.  He asked if I was drinking to which I said yes. I The cop then told me to do some tests that I did.  I did the exams walking a straight line and other exams which they said that ... Read more »

  • Marijuana DUI for 18 year old

    Marijuana DUI for 18 year old Question:  I am 18 and got a Marijuana DUI . This my first dui. What can happen to me?  There was no alcohol at all in my system.  I did a breath test when I was pulled over and the results were 0.00.  The officer said he smelled marijuana in the car though and said he ... Read more »

  • 2 Different Breath test results

    2 Different Breath test results Question:  I got 2 Different Breath test results when I blew into the machine.  I was pulled over and declined to take a breathalyzer, then agreed to it when we got to the station. I was brought in around 2:30am, the breathalyzer test was given to me at 4:37 am. I am 155 pound woman. I only had 4 beers and a shot, all in a ... Read more »

  • Probation violation for driving on a suspended license

    Probation violation for driving on a suspended license Question:  My drivers licenses is currently suspended and I was on probation for a 14601 and I just got another ticket for driving on a suspended license.  I know I should not have been driving, but it was just a quick trip to the grocery store.  For the most part I have not been driving since I ... Read more »

  • Payment plan for DUI attorney

    Payment plan for DUI attorney Question:  I was arrested for a DUI in Santa Clarita, CA.  It is my first DUI and I was arrested by the CHP on the 5 freeway for speeding and then for the DUI, but the ticket I have only lists the DUI, does not say anything about the speeding issue.  The DUI arrest took place about ... Read more »

  • Difference between VC 23152a and VC 23152b

    Question:  I was arrested for my first DUI in Van Nuys, CA.  I was involved in a traffic accident where the cops showed up and did the DUI tests on me.  The property damage was not very much. This is my first ever arrest in whole life. I am being charged with VC 23152A. I got arrested for DUI, and at scene the officer said that my blood alcohol content level was ... Read more »

  • How do you postpone a DUI criminal trial to another date in Van Nuys Court?

    DUI Arraignment vs. DUI Trial - Can I Postpone a DUI criminal trial ? Question:  I have a DUI criminal trial in Van Nuys coming up that I can not attend.  It will be my first time ever in court and I do not know what to do.  Is there someone I can call to postpone a DUI criminal trial date by any chance as I will be out of the state ... Read more »

  • Arrested for DUI if I do a blood test

    Will I get arrested for DUI if I do a blood test? Question:  If I am pulled over for a DUI in Southern California and get asked to do a field sobriety test then opt for the blood test, do I get to go home and then  later get charged later if it turns out I was over .08?  Or will they arrest me and tow my car until ... Read more »

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