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  • Transferring Ventura Probation

    answer by Phil Hache

    Question:  I am on 1st dui probation based on a Driving Under the Influence in Ventura County conviction I had.  I am not looking to change my plea or anything like that.  But I would like to know if I can transfer the probation to a different state?

    I am done with everything the Court asked me to complete except I still owe on my fine. I want to move to Arizona as soon as possible. I also do not want to look for a job unless I can move there.

    I am done with Ventura county.  Not just because I am mad at my DUI, but there are a lot of reasons.  A long story which is immaterial to what I am trying to do here.

    Would this be hard to do?  Have my probation moved that is.  Is it even possible for me to handle that?  Or if not, is there a way to have my probation removed completely?

    Answer:  Ventura has formal probation for 1st offense DUI convictions. I would recommend that you or your DUI attorney contact the Ventura probation department to discuss the request of having Probation either transferred to another county, or have you put on informal probation as the better alternative.

    It is possible though to have probation transferred to another state if the county and state you are transferring to will accept you and Ventura County probation department allows you to go.

    If you are able to pay off the fine before you go, that will remove a potential road block. Assuming you are on a payment plan and have been paying the fines accordingly, there is still a good chance of getting the transfer approved by Ventura Probation.

    How long have you been on Formal DUI probation for? That can play a part in the process too, as it is possible that Ventura County would allow you to move out of state without having to transfer the probation to that state.

    To answer your other question, it is possible to have your probation terminated early by submitting a motion and having the matter heard at a court hearing.  I have successfully had them granted in Ventura County, including recently.

    There are many variables that are involved with increasing the chances of having a judge grant early termination of probation.  One main question is, how long have you been on probation for.

    Also, note that you would not be able to  have probation terminated until the fine issue was resolved.

    Feel free to call me at 818-336-1384 if you have additional questions.


    Philip Hache
    Criminal Defense and DUI Lawyer
    Los Angeles and Ventura County

    Transferring Ventura Probation

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