Client Testimonials

Thank You so much Phil for your know-how and quick responsive nature towards my DUI case. Not only did you get my case thrown out  in court it was set aside with the DMV as well. I was more than pleased with Your services. Thanks so much Phil…”

– Nick G. (DUI Charges Dismissed)

Phil was a great help to me during a stressful time. He was open, honest, and I could tell he was on the level with me. Other lawyers I consulted with before Phil felt like they were pandering to me and promising the moon or they were outright apathetic. Phil worked on my case, kept me in the loop, and explained every part of the process to put me at ease. Long story short, all charges were dismissed and I couldn’t have been more satisfied with my experience!”
– Kevin F., (DUI Charges Dismissed)

Phil worked hard on my [DUI] case, was straight forward with me when discussing my case, and got an end result that was better than anticipated!  Not only did he go out of his way to spend time and meet with me and quickly return my phone calls, he was able to get most of the charges against me dismissed.  He even took it a step further by recalling the case after it was already settled, in order to get the Judge to agree to reduce the total amount owed to the court by over $1,000 without having to do any community service or community labor!  If you are looking for an attorney who will work hard for you, treat you with courtesy and respect, and do so affordably, then Phil is your guy.”

– Brandy M.

"Phil handled my case with a lot of attention and fought hard for a very favorable settlement to my case"


I hired Phil Hache to fight an under-21 DUI issue. Phil was very good at keeping me informed with what was going on with my case, and quickly responded to phone calls and emails I sent. And best case scenario, he was able to win the hearing and I suffered no penalty! including avoiding a 1 year license suspension!”

-Angela P.

"My experience with this attorney, was nothing short of Excellent. I was pleasantly surprised at the professional attention we received in this very sensitive and delicate matter.   I will recommend this attorney and his attorney firm, with the highest of regards.  It is my sincerest pleasure to provide this endorsement.”

Respectfully, Debora R.

"Phil kept me constantly updated, gave me all the information possible and managed to get my DUI knocked down to a wet reckless. My court fees were easily half of what they would have been. He was totally professional and gave the highest quality legal representation. I can highly recommend his services.”

– Brian M (DUI charges dismissed!)

"Phil did a great job handling my case.  He was able to get the petty theft charge against me dismissed and was very helpful in explaining what was going on throughout the Court hearings from beginning to end.  I felt very comfortable and confident with Phil’s representation and I am very happy with the end result!”

– Chal H. (petty theft charges dismissed)

"I had a BAC level of .23 and hired Phil for my DMV hearing. After numerous lawyers before him told me that it was nearly impossible to win at the DMV, Phil was able to get my suspension set aside. He always kept me informed and is very knowledgable. Thank you Phil for everything!”

-Marissa R (DUI with .23 BAC, DMV hearing set aside)

"I recently received my 2nd DUI and did not want to serve any jail time as a consequence.  Phil understood how jail time would effect my job, schooling, and family, and was very persistent with the D.A.’s office in getting a good offer that did not include jail time.”

– Ruben L.

"Phil handled my DUI case and was able to get the DUI charges dismissed and reduced to a non-alcohol related offense! Phil showed true interest in my case and helping me get favorable results.”

-Cynthia I. (DUI Charges Dismissed!)

"Phil did a great job handling my DUI case and getting the DUI charges dismissed.”

-Kyle L. (DUI charges Dismissed!)

"Hi Phil, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for everything you did for me. Thank you for making it all better. It seems that after looking for further options now, I might have a shot at fixing my entire situation. Once again thank you VERY much!”
– Adrian M.

"I was lucky enough to have Philip as my representation when I was going through a difficult time with a DUI. He was quick to return phone calls and always explained thoroughly what was going on and what the next step would be. He patiently answered every question that I had. I truly believe that he got me the best result possible. I enthusiastically endorse him to anyone who need legal help. Terrific Job!”

– Glenn S.

"Phil did a wonderful job regarding my DUI case. I consulted a few friends who unfortunately also had experienced the DUI process. They said it’s not necessary to obtain the services of an attorney. They were wrong! If I had not obtained their services, the case would have never have been dismissed by the DA office. Always employ the services of a professional. It’s truly worth the investment.”

– David C. (DUI charges dismissed!)

"Me and my family thank you very much for all your help. God Bless you and your family.”

– Efrain H. (DUI charges dismissed!)

"Dedicated, hard working, professional, trustworthy, highly recommend Mr. Hache.
Kept me informed at all times, passionate about his work, fights hard for his clients, is without a doubt the hardest working lawyer in the Valley. Highly recommend Mr. Hache to any when needing a lawyer.”

"I retained Attorney Phil Hache for a misdemeanor charge that I was very worried about. Phil spent a lot of time talking to me about my case and working with me to get a favorable outcome. In the end, Phil was able to get the misdemeanor charge dismissed and reduced to an infraction. I highly recommend Phil Hache.”
-V.V. (misdemeanor charge reduced to infraction!)

"I retained Phil Hache for a DUI charge in which the results stated I was over the legal limit. Phil was able to get the DUI charges dismissed and reduced to a non-alcohol related offense. Also, he was able to win the DMV hearing so I didn’t even have a license suspension, which would have been extremely disrupting for my job. Also, he has been extremely professional, prompt and dedicated throughout the whole process. Thanks a million for the hard work and great results Phil.”
– Stefan S. (DUI charges dismissed, reduced to Dry Reckless driving (non alcohol related offense!)

"Phil Hache helped me navigate a complicated legal situation and guided me to the best possible solution. He’s trustworthy, diligent, understands the law, and has good relationship with law enforcement, which in my case was essential to my getting the best deal possible. I recommend him without reservation.”
– Susan A.

"Having a lawyer was the best thing in the world. Phil took care of everything including getting the charge completely dismissed. He made my life much easier and it was well worth the money to hire him.”

– Holly F. (12500 Driving without a license charge dismissed!)

"My lawyer was Phil Hache. I would recommend him if anyone ever finds themselves in need.”

– Rick D.

"I had multiple speeding and other citations with a court trial that I couldn’t attend and found Phil online after reading dozens of his posts to problems other people had. He seemed very knowledgeable so I wanted to give him a try even though I usually only work on referrals or word of mouth. Couldn’t have been more satisfied….Phil always kept in touch and listened to me very thoroughly explain what happened and how I thought there was no recourse for my events. Best of all he is All American. I called a few other local attorneys that didn’t seem nearly as sharp as him, and others that were…but charged through the roof. Phil’s rates are reasonable and absolutely well worth it if you need to avoid having points on your driving record like me where your insurance will be canceled if you get on more. I’ve seen a few cases where he has even gotten DUI’s completely thrown out, so if I ever found myself in that situation I wouldn’t hesitate to hire him.”

– Steve I. (traffic matter in Beverly Hills, CA)

"Just wanted to to say thanks again for your hard working representation.”  – Rick D.

"We’ve also used Phil and I agree – Phil is a smart hard working guy and knows how the system works. I’d also recommend him.”

– Shannon B.

"Thank you so much for your assistance in this matter, it has made the whole processes less terrifying and more understandable. I greatly appreciate it!”

– Joy L

"I retained Phil Hache for a DUI charge with car accident. This was my 2nd alcohol related driving offense within 10 years. Phil was able to get the DUI charges dismissed and reduced to a non-alcohol related reckless driving offense which reduced the penalties significantly, and is not priorable! Phil went the extra mile to get a great result and I recommend him.”
– Sergio

"Up until a few weeks ago, I had zero experience with the criminal justice system so I was completely freaked out when I receive a misdemeanor traffic offense that could have left me with a criminal record. I truly didn’t know what to do so I decided to retain a lawyer in hopes of getting the citation reduced to an infraction.

I can’t convey how grateful I am to have found Phil. During the entire process he was extremely kind and he really put my mind at ease. Phil kept an open line of communication the entire time. I always knew exactly what was happening.

On the day of my court appearance, Phil guided me through every step of the process and he was able to get my citation completely dismissed!! It was beyond anything I could have hoped for.

I can’t say enough about the service and the kindness that I received from Phil and his team. They are super nice people who are very good at what they do. I simply can’t convey how grateful I am. I hope I never find myself in need of a lawyer again but if I do, my first call will be to Phil. Thank you again for your help, service and professionalism!”

– Olga

"Exceptional honest attorney who is very hands on. He did everything he could to fight for my rights. I wish all attorneys were like him. Best DUI Attorney I know !!!!!!!”

– Virginia A.

"Phil Hache was recommended, I met with other Lawyers, but after our initial meeting. I was sure he was the strength needed behind my case. The case was sort of a creative situation, but Phil was able to come up on top and get my charges negotiated. He went above and beyond with helping me catch up on all the loose ends that the legal system has, especially here in Los Angeles. I am very happy with the outcome and would highly recommend his services to anyone looking to get the right treatment and outcome that you expect, plus more!”

Thanks Phil, – Steve A.

"Philip represented my Husband. Philip is amazing and we are both thankful for his awesome services. He was really good about giving my husband all options and keeping him well informed. Philip was very professional and we will definitely recommend him to anyone who needs his services. Best of all he was able to get my husband’s case dismissed which other attorneys told him this would not be possible. Thanks again Philip!!” – Cara W.

"I had a series of pretty severe infractions that had resulted in a suspended license. Over the years, I knew I could/had to fight them, or I would have enough points on my license to further the suspension (not to mention the insane amount of fines! ) I hired Phil in December, and not only did I get my license back in February, but by April I was fine-free, point-free, and all cases dismissed! I cannot recommend him enough, not only did he save me thousands, but he fixed years worth of damage almost over night! If you need out of a sticky situation, hire him. Hire him yesterday!” -K Reza

After hiring Phil I cannot imagine ever hiring someone else. He is excellent!!! He’s not just an excellent DUI attorney, he’s an excellent attorney in general. It’s great that he’s nice and all, but my gratitude comes from him knowing his job inside and out. His creativity will often get you a parallel approach and outcome you will truly be more than satisfied with. The options he can create and present give great reassurance to an otherwise stressful situation. Very simply, you sleep better at night with Phil in your corner. I highly recommend Phil as your attorney!!!

-Michael S., June 2021

Great Work on the expungements! Since I retired as an Attorney and even before that time, each time I refer you a former client, new client or friend you have provided the highest quality Criminal Defense Attorney Representation usually exceeding expectations. Thank you so much for helping out my referral and the other clients I’ve referred to you. 

-Greg H. (Retired Attorney)